215.Hayley Crews(non-registered)
Hi Chris! I've been an admirer of your photography for some time now. I'm nearby in Northern California (Placerville), so it's great to see the "local" wildlife on your site. I think we have some mutual friends among the Utah crowd too! (Josh, Lydia). Hayley
214.Eric R Harker(non-registered)
Beautiful site!
213.Daniel Schwegler(non-registered)
I love photography and have been struggling about what direction to go into. Recently I've been getting out and taking wildlife photos and it's because of your work. I've always loved nature and science and this is a perfect fit. Keep it up
Chris jr
I love the nature photos
Amazing photos and subjects
Wow...what a photo's!!!
206.Christine Cox(non-registered)
Great pics. I work with your uncle "Bruno" and he saw my wolf pic in my office and told me about your site. When I get great ready to add more pics, I will reach out to you. Beautiful pics
I always said the good picture don't come from a professional camera it comes out from a good eye of the person. Amazing pictures amazing captures you amaze me! Bless you. Amen
199.Jeremy Dallas
Thanks for the great pics! About to plaster my walls w/ them.
197.Dan Storer(non-registered)
Love your instagrams man
196.Brandon Fierro(non-registered)
Absolutely amazing photos, they always seem to be incredibly different than ones I see of the same animal or scene. Thanks! discovered you through Joe Rogans podcast!
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