Amazing work, your levels of patience and endurance must be amazing. Found you via Joe Rogan
James Koenig(non-registered)
Love your work man! I just started fallowing you... after hearing about what you do on Joe Rogan's podcast.
Robert Brown(non-registered)
Stunning body of work. Joe Rogan was praising your photography on his podcast and I couldn’t resist. It must be magical to be around such wildlife.
you are really amazing.
Jerry Hoxie(non-registered)
Hey Chris, I am Richard's friend, love your work keep it up.
Hayley Crews(non-registered)
Hi Chris! I've been an admirer of your photography for some time now. I'm nearby in Northern California (Placerville), so it's great to see the "local" wildlife on your site. I think we have some mutual friends among the Utah crowd too! (Josh, Lydia). Hayley
Eric R Harker(non-registered)
Beautiful site!
Daniel Schwegler(non-registered)
I love photography and have been struggling about what direction to go into. Recently I've been getting out and taking wildlife photos and it's because of your work. I've always loved nature and science and this is a perfect fit. Keep it up
Chris jr
I love the nature photos
Amazing photos and subjects
Wow...what a photo's!!!
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