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Beautiful Black Wolf photos! Saw that Minnesota is one of the few places where you photograph. Was the black wolf photographed there?

Greeting from Minnesota!
Victor Costa Ferreira Gomes(non-registered)
Stoped by to check your work and learn. I’m a biologist, working at environmental licensing in Brazil. As a photographer I’m really a begginer.
Congratulations for your beatiful work. Hope you become a NatGeo photographer soon.
Best regards,
Victor C F Gomes
Well Hi there everyone,

I would like to start this off by saying that Chris is an amazing photographer and I would love to by one one day. His photos really capture the essence of nature which is really important in life. These days you see people just chopping down trees to make paper or Oil and it is hurting our wildlife. Especially the Pandas and orangutans the world would fall apart without these animals and we need to make a stand and fight for what is right so I urge all of u to go home tonight and donate to the people that work super hard at trying to save these animals lives. Also go to Instagram and follow save.the_orangutans, every little bit counts.......
wow!!! Amazing shots of wildlife. Great work.
Greetings from Spain.
Tim W(non-registered)
Your wolf photos are something else, hopefully you are fairly safe while taking the photos... they are beautiful but powerful
Lacy lagrange(non-registered)
Amazing work. Keep it up!
James Smith(non-registered)
I love your pics. Truly awesome! Have followed you for awhile on Instagram, saw one of your pics Cam Haines had framed and it was awesome. Keep up the good work.
Vithor Macêdo(non-registered)
Great job, stunning pics...
Greetings from Brazil
Amazing work, your levels of patience and endurance must be amazing. Found you via Joe Rogan
James Koenig(non-registered)
Love your work man! I just started fallowing you... after hearing about what you do on Joe Rogan's podcast.
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