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Black Timber WolfBlack Timber Snowy FaceAZ7C4110aWolf StaredeownHungry Black WolfBlack Timber Wolf Over the ShoulderTimber Wolf StaredownBlack Timber Wolf CoupleBlack Timber Wolf Snowy Face (Added Canvas to assist with Cropping)Black Timber Wolf Sees SomethingBlack Timber Wolf (3 Image Compilation)Black Timber WolvesTimber-Wolf-Staredown-BWBlack Timber Wolf in the WoodsBlack Timber Wolf SnarlMINN7598MINN8483MINN8483aBlack WolfBlack-Wolf-Staredown-(Large)

Guestbook for Wolves (Black)
Tina Satkowski(non-registered)
Your work is breathtakingly beautiful !!
Luke Peary
Amazing pictures, first came across your work when Joe Rogan reposted your stuff. I've been hooked ever since. Keep up the great work!
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